ks. dr Wojciech Kućko

ks. dr Wojciech Kućko

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Wydział Studiów nad Rodziną UKSW
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01 - 938 Warszawa
e- mail: w.kucko@uksw.edu.pl

Key words

The purpose of science is to study the ultimate causes of reality. Ethics and study of morality help us discover the full truth about the world and man.

Academic research conducted 

My scientific research focuses on various contemporary ethical challenges in the field of faith, demography, and the issue of holiness. An important place is also taken by the research related to my doctorate – moral aspects of the profession of pharmacists in the context of personalistic bioethics in particular.


  • Department of Families of the Diocesan Curia of Płock - director
  • Association of Catholic Families of the Płock Diocese - assistant
  • Catholic Association of Doctors in Płock - assistant

Offer for entrepreneurs

An important area of cooperation with the business world is the plane of ethics and morality. In a special way, my research may be useful in the field of pharmacy and ethical aspects of various professions associated with it. The problem of ethical dimensions of demography is also current, especially in the context of births, marriages and families.

Student support

As part of the BA and MA seminars, it is possible to broaden research horizons and write papers on the border of ethics, bioethics and other related sciences.

Professional experience

  • Tutor of the Scientific Circle of the Higher Theological Seminary in Płock - organizer of several scientific symposiums, including international ones;
  • Expert of the Holy See Agency for Quality Assessment and Promotion of AVEPRO Universities and Church Faculties from November 25, 2019.