Agnieszka Gryszczyńska

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Wydział Prawa i Administracji UKSW
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3 bl. 17, pokój nr 1756
01 – 938 Warszawa

Key words

PhD in legal sciences, graduate in law, administration, IT and econometrics. Author of publications devoted to legal aspects of computerisation, protection of legally protected secrets and cybercrime.

Academic research conducted

legal aspects of computerisation of public information resources, electronic communication, policy of disclosure and its limitations – including access to public information, privacy law and protection of secrets as well as cybersecurity.


  • Ministry of Digitalisation
  • National Institute of Magistracy and the High Court

Offer for entrepreneurs

  • IT technologies, learning law in electronic form, access to public information and its reuse.
  • Trainings in the field of: economic and civil law for the key judiciary personnel
  • expertise