prof. UKSW dr hab. Jan Cieciuch

prof. UKSW dr hab. Jan Cieciuch

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Wydział Filozofii Chrześciajńskiej UKSW
Instytut Psychologii UKSW
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01-938 Warszawa, bud. 23, pokój 1401
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Key words

Specialist in the field of personality and development psychology, personality disorders and biological conditions. Director of the Institute of Psychology CSWU.

Academic research conducted

  • Explorations of theoretical syntheses in the psychology of personality and development, based on precision of thinking and sensitivity to empirical evidence, originating from the Carthesian more geometrico and Popperian sympathy to deduction.
  •  The current studies and syntheses undertaken concern a broadly understood personality structure – from personality disorders and the dark triad to the values, strengths, welfare, and from another viewpoint: from biological determinants, through psychosocial development to development of identity.


University of Zurich

Academic projects

  • OCB Project;
  • Using the Circumplex of Personality Metatraits to better understand other psychological constructs;
  • Circumplex of Identity Formation Modes;
  • Measurement invariance;
  • Toward Circumplex Model of Narcissism;
  • Value traits and value states;
  • Circumplex of Personality Metatraits as far-reaching synthesis of personality;
  • Cross-cultural study on narcissism, envy, shyness, and humor;
  • Applications of structural equation models;
  • Values & personality: An integrative evolutionary and cross-cultural perspective;
  • Innovative curriculum for strong identities in diverse Europe (INSIDE);
  • Research with the Refined Values Theory.

Professional experience

  • Head of the Institute of Psychology, CSWU;
  • Head at Psychology program at doctoral school CSWU;
  • Head at “Personalitas” Center for Research on Development and Personality.