dr hab. Jacek Tomczyk

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Instytut Ekologii i Bioetyki UKSW

Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3
01-938 Warszawa

Key words

Specialist in the field of biological anthropology, specializing in odontological research

Academic research conducted

Research in the field of historical and contemporary populations, with particular emphasis on tooth characteristics


  • Ecole de Hautes Etudes – Sorbone (France)
  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • Medyczny Uniwersytet w Łodzi
  • Univeristy of Lodz
  • Jagiellonian University in Krakow
  • Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences


  • The evaluation of the application of fluorescent camera for the diagnosis of early changes of decay in historical materials
  • Etiogenesis of the formation of pulp stones
  • The evaluation of life situation of the population in the Bliskim Wschodzie (from early Bronze to contemporary times)
  • The evaluation of the life situation of the population from Radom (XI – XIX century)
  • The variability of prevalence in the area of the auriculotemporal nerve
  • Scanning and 3D print of a mesolithic man from Janisławice

Offer for entrepreneurs

  • Cooperation in the sphere of diagnostic of disorders of the masticatory system
  • 3D print of bone material

Professional experience

2018 member of the Anthropological Committee of the Polish Academy of Learning
since 2016 Director of the Institute of Ecology and Bioethics
2015 - 2019 Head of the Warsaw branch of PTA
2015 - 2019 member of the PTA General Board
since 2014 WFCH Dean deputy for CLNP
2012 - 2016 member of the CSWU Senate committee for international cooperation
2009 - 2010 member of the Integration- Expert Team of General Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
2007 - 2011 member of the Committee of Anthropology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
2006 - 2010 Institutional coordinator of the program Socrates/Erasmus
2006 - 2009 member of Company Committee of Institutional Welfare Benefits at CSWU
2005 - 2013 representative of younger academics to the Faculty Council
2005 - 2007 coordinator of didactics at the Institute of Ecology and Bioethics CSWU
2003 - 2016 member of Editorial Board Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae


  • Member of Management Board of the Polish Anthropological Society (PTA)
  • European Anthropological Association (EAA)
  • Polskie Towarzystwo Filozoficzne (sekcja Filozofii Przyrody i Nauk Przyrodniczych) (PTF)
  • International Association for Paleodontology