dr hab., prof. UKSW Anna Kuśmirek

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Wydział Teologiczny

Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego
ul. Dewajtis 5
01-815 Warszawa

Key words

Specialist in the field of Biblical Studies, speciality: biblical philology. Expert on biblical translations; especially Targums

Academic research conducted

Biblical Translations, Biblical languague: Hebrew, Aramaic, research on Jewish exegesis


  • Consultations of the Bible translation into Belarusian for the translation section of liturgical texts and official documents of the Commission of Divine Cult and Discipline of the Sacraments at the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Belarus, Minsk;
  • Library queries in École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem, Hebrew University, Jerusalem;
  • Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome;
  • Participation in translation workshops organized by Nida Institute, Rome February 2018


  • Book and journal publications
  • Participation in contemporary translation of the Bible (St Paul Edition of the Bible); Ecumenical translation Dissemination of research results on the Bible and heritage of thought of ancient Israel

Offer for entrepreneurs

expert, consultant, expertise contractor in the field of Bible studies, translations from Biblical languages

Professional experience

  scientific editor of the series „Biblica et Judaica”, Bernardinum Publishing House
2014-2016 Participation in scientific supervision of prophetic books within the framework of translating the Ecumenical Bible, Biblical Society
since 2014 Head of the Chair of Biblical Philology, Faculty of Theology UKSW
2001-2014 adjunct at the Chair of Biblical Philology, Faculty of Theology UKSW
2000-2001 assistant lecturer at the Chair of Biblical Philology, Faculty of Theology UKSW
1996-2002 Editorial assistant / editorial secretary of the newsletter “Maqom” at Instytut Dialogu Katolicko-Judaistycznego, ATK/UKSW
1997-1998 trainee assistant lecturer Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw


  • Board Member Stowarzyszenie Biblistów Polskich, 2013-2018;
  • member of Society of Biblical Literature