dr Dominika Żukowska-Gardzińska

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Wydział Teologiczny

Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego
ul. Dewajtis 5
01-815 Warszawa

Key words

Theologian of culture, lecturer, specialist in the field of dialog of faith and culture, theology of the body, cultural politics, pedagogy of culture and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Academic research conducted

Introduction of integral development components for functioning in public space, including enterprises.


  • Furniture Factory Forte - furniture sector
  • Department for Communication Orange – telephone and innovation sector
  • Arscom Group – marketing sector
  • Jet events – event sector
  • Ian Ramsey Center Okford


In the area of soft skills, recommendations

Offer for entrepreneurs

  • management through dialog
  • social responsibility of enterprises
  • social responsibility of science
  • life quality

Professional experience

since 2008 adjunct at UKSW Faculty of Theology
since 2017 Head of the Research Institute of The Centre for the Thought of John Paul II
Head of 3 POKL and POWER grants building soft and hard professional skills