About project

The aim of the project Science2Business is dissemination of scientific activity of the employees of Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw and inclusion of the business zone to the process of creating and implementing innovation under research and development activity carried out at UKSW.

The platform is a collection of scientific and business potential of UKSW, and it comprises scientific portfolios of employees and case studies. In the platform, also video reports reflecting the activity of scientists, as well as the biology section, can be found. Blogs may be created not only by University employees, but anyone wishing to raise an important scientific or business issue, or a case study.

The most important part of the platform are interactive functionalities that enable easy communicatiion between scientiscts and the world of business. How to employ the platform? Look for an interesting area, make use of tag list, or enter interesting key words in the search engine. Find a person or team. You can contact a selected person by means of an application, chat bot or simply e-mail. Make use of the science, development and infrastructure potential of Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw.


„Science2Business” – a task funded under the agreement 933/DUN/2018 from the funds allocated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for activities promoting science.