Brain atlases in neurosurgery

Brain atlases in neurosurgery


Creation of brain atlases and building a surgical system supporting surgery

Research method

Building a bridge between IT and neosurgery, creating dedicated electronic brain atlases, building specialized methods of mapping brain atlases on patient data, proposing adequate tools supporting surgery.

History of execution

Defining a market niche, creating electronic brain atlases, proposing and publishing in neurosurgical journals the methods of using the atlases, building a prototype illustrating the operation of the atlases and methods, negotiations with surgical companies, advising companies regarding integration of the atlases with their products.

Effect of implementation

13 surgical companies hold their licences, including three largest ones (Medtronik, Brainlab and Elekta).

Information on achieved innovations

A few patents granted in USA and in Europe.

Impact of the result on: development of science, economy, society

Hundreds of thousands of patients being cured.