Cultural and natural heritage of the Białowieża Forest

Cultural and natural heritage of the Białowieża Forest


Presentation of the cultural-environmental potential of the Forest

Research method

Archival examinations, field studies, archeological excavations (surface and excavations), 3D laser scanning, geophysical geomorphological and botanical investigations

History of execution

Grant beginning January 2017. Two seasons of field studies bound with information acquired from 3D laser scanning were completed. Collecting samples by geomorphologists, botanists, palynologists and malacologists. Planning the termination of the grant in 2020.

Effect of implementation

The updated map of distribution of archeological sites in the area of the Białowieża Forest was performed.

Information on achieved innovations

Interdisciplinary studies of wooded land are performed on such a scale for the first time.

Impact of the result on: development of science, economy, society

The final result will provide new valuable information to researchers in the far past of the analyzed area and tools helpful in managing archeological heritage and forest economy.