Roman Economy in Dalmatia - RED


Roman Economy in Dalmatia - RED

Project/study aim

Recognition, with geophysical methods and the methods of aerial inspection, of the coverage of archeological sites in the Croatian Dalmatia area.

Research method

The application of a ground-penetrating radar, magnetic method, and a method of field measurements of magnetic susceptibility and geological drilling, supplemented with modelling based on aerial survey.

History of execution

Grant: Roman Economy in Dalmatia. Founding Agency: Croatian Science Foundation. Executing Agency: Institute of Archeology in Zagreb. Period: 2014 – 2018.Function of F. Welc, main contractor (manager) in the field of geophysical surveys.

Effect of implementation

A spectrum of archeological sites from the Roman period on the area of the isles of Rab, Krk and Pag were recognized with the use of geophysical methods (noninvasive).

Information on achieved innovations

In the course of grant execution the method of comparing amplitude data (ADCM) obtained with the use of ground-penetrating radar and the magnetic method has been improved.

Impact of the result on: development of science, economy, society

The developed ADCM method allowed for a full and noninvasive recognition of archeological sites and modelling 3D underground structures without the need to conduct expensive archeological studies, which are a destructive method.