Competent Graduate


A project, the key aim of which is the reinforcement of student competencies and their attractiveness on the job market through cooperation with employers and workshops in the field of CRS.

Project/study aim

Reinforcement of student competencies and their attractiveness on the job market through their cooperation with employers and acquiring new specialization in terms of CSR.

Research method

Analysis of business law environment and student competencies, competence tests, design approach

History of execution

The program assumed introducing businessmen and CSR practitioners into the studies program. The following aims have been accomplished in the project program:

  • obtaining a Creator CSR certificate - 60 hours
  • workshops of leadership and creative conflict solving – 16 hours
  • workshops in legal basis of entrepreneurship – 16 hours
  • workshops ininformation production shaping analytical competencies – 20 hours
  • Business English language – 48 hours
  • classes in enterprises – 16 hours
  • study visits at the employer’s – 7 hours

Effect of implementation

For the project participants:

  • understanding CSR,
  • personal change consisting in assuming the responsibility for one’s own environment,
  • integral development,
  • employing analysis and dialog in the processes of decision-making.

Information on achieved innovations (possible)

Personal change which contributed to deliberate actions in favor of one’s own development and the development of an enterprise, with whicha person is related.

Impact of the result on: development of science, economy, society

Successful and effective management which gives employees the feeling of self-fulfilment.