ETiK International - an international research project studying moral competencies shaped in public schools


Studying teenagers’ moral competencies, shaped during school ethics classes, with the use of Fifteen Year Olds’ Moral Competence Test developed by researchers from Berlin.

Project/study aim

The aim of the study was adaptation and application of the questionnaire of Fifteen Year Olds’ Moral Competence Test (TKMP), developed by a team of researchers from Humboldt University of Berlin. Evaluation of moral-ethical competencies, conveyed during school ethics classes, is feasible with the use of this tool.

Research method

In the study, test tasks were employed, and the obtained results were analysed with the use of statistical methods.

History of execution

The studies on the translation of TKMP lasted from October 2013 to February 2014. A field study was conducted in May and June 2014. 511 3rd grade junior high school students from 15 schools in Warsaw and the Mazowsze province participated in the study. The results were presented in thematic section number 2/1 of the journal “Forum Pedagogiczne” from 2016.

Effect of implementation

Adaptation of a research tool – TKMP serving the measurement and evaluation of moral-ethical competencies transmitted during teaching ethics at school.

Information on achieved innovations (possible)

Theoretical model of moral-ethical competencies adapted to the conditions of school education. Research tool in the form of test tasks included in TKMP repository.

Impact of the result on: development of science, economy, society

Determining new expertise in the topic of teaching moral-ethical competencies at school.