dr med. inż. Piotr Regulski

dr med. inż. Piotr Regulski

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Centrum Cyfrowej Nauki i Technologii
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01-938 Warszawa
e- mail: p.regulski@uksw.edu.pl

Key words

Doctor of medical sciences, dentist, engineer, specialist in visual analysis, medical image processing and maxillofacial radiology.

Academic research conducted

Scientific and research activity covers a range of issues related to methods of processing medical images (CT, CBCT, MRI, USG, cephalometry, pantomography) and microtomographic, segmentation algorithms, computer support in dentistry and orthodontics (CAD - computer aided dentistry), machine learning, modelling for 3D printing and virtual reality.

Development of the VisNow - Medical platform containing algorithms for 3D image reconstruction from raw CT and CBCT data, segmentation algorithms, quantitative magnetic resonance sequence reconstruction methods and others.

Development of extended and virtual reality technology in various aspects of educational and medical issues.

Scientific research also includes anthropological analysis of bone and dental materials from historical material.