dr Anna Czyżkowska

dr Anna Czyżkowska

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Wydział Studiów nad Rodziną UKSW
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01- 983 Warszawa
e- mail: a.czyzkowska@uksw.edu.pl

Key words

Psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist, interested in couples’ and family psychology.

Academic research conducted

  • National Science Centre: „Dynamic model of marriage goals explaining satisfaction from marriage: theoretical modification and empirical test”;
  • “Personality determinants of marriage satisfaction. The role of actual and perceived similarity”;
  • “The relationship between parental attachment styles in young adults and selected aspects of their nuclear family ethos”;
  • “Intergenerational transmissions regarding marriage”;
  • “Sexual and psychological functioning of pregnant women”;
  • “Sexual and psychological functioning of infertile couples.”


Scientific cooperation with the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology, University of Economics and Humanities, building scientific cooperation between the Faculty of Family Studies at UKSW and the Institute of Psychology UKSW.

Offer for entrepreneurs

Research problems related to psychological examination of couples and families (support for marriages, families or centers working with them).

Student support

Individual support for students willing to work above average (help in research work, taking the first steps on the path to scientific work) and for those who simply want to develop their interests in psychology or sexology or who need to compensate for the lack of knowledge.

Professional experience

Additional practical (non-scientific) experience:

  • conducting postgraduate courses in sexology and couple therapy for doctors and psychologists;
  • family assistant;
  • couple’s psychotherapist;
  • conducting training in child development and domestic violence for specialists working with children;
  • running long-term support groups for foster families, training in parenting skills, family counselling and individual consultations;
  • conducting workshops on youth psycho-prevention.