dr Michał Klimaszewski

dr Michał Klimaszewski

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Wydział Prawa i Administraci UKSW
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01 - 938 Warszawa
tel. 22 569 96 50
e- mail: michal.klimaszewski@adwokatura.pl

Key words

Assistant Professor in the Department of Science of Administration and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the CSWU.

Academic research conducted

  • Axiology of public administration;
  • Civil service;
  • Administrative and administrative court proceedings;
  • Assessment of constitutionality of law;
  • Control of public administration;
  • Alternative dispute resolution methods;
  • Higher education and science funding issues.

Offer for entrepreneurs

Draft legal acts, legal solutions ensuring achievement of the assumed business goal, legal opinions, legal services, consultancy in the field of creating business policies.

Professional experience

Academic lecturer, former employee of the Supreme Audit Office.


  • Member of the Council of the Foundation for the Protection of Invalid Health;
  • Member of the Warsaw Seminar Axiology of Administration;
  • Deputy spokesman for the Discipline of the Bar Association in Warsaw.