Marcin Choczyński

dr Marcin Choczyński

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Insytut Nauk Socjologicznych UKSW
pokój 015, bud. 23
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01 - 938 Warszawa

Key words

Sociologist at the Institute of Sociological Sciences UKSW. Social and Economic Department.

Academic research conducted

  • research on participation in culture;
  • studies of ethos of selected professional categories;
  • studies of social problems;
  • environmental studies of Catholic parishes;
  • studies of urban environments and their specifics.

Research projects

  • Research projects carried out by the Research Laboratory of the Polish Measurement of Attitudes and Values (PPPiW): European Museum Night 2013;
  • Ethos of Polish Entrepreneurs 2014;
  • European Museum Night Warsaw 2014;
  • Parish - a local community of believers. Vision and reality 2014;
  • European Museum Night Warsaw 2015;
  • European Museum Night Warsaw 2016;
  • European Museum Night Warsaw 2018.