Rafał Wiśniewski

dr hab Rafał Wiśniewski, prof. UKSW

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Instytut Socjologii UKSW
Ul. Wóycickiego 1/3
01-938 Warszawa

Key words

Sociologist of culture, academic teacher, culture manager, one of the initiators of the International Festival of Music of Central and Eastern Europe EUFONIE.

Academic research conducted

He published, among others in Hemispheres. “Studies on Cultures and Societies","Codrul Cosminului","Migration Studies - Polish community survey","Politeja: Jagiellonian Cultural Studies". He published recently “Transgression of intercultural competences” (Warsaw 2016).

Professional experience

  • Vice-president of the Polish Sociological Association;
  • Member of the Research Laboratory of the Polish Attitude and Value Measurement (PPPiW);
  • Director of the National Culture Center since 2017.