Marcin Zarzecki

dr Marcin Zarzecki, z-ca kierownika PPPiW

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Instytut Socjologii UKSW
Wóycickiego 1/3, 01-938 Warszawa

Key words

Sociologist, statistician, social science methodologist and evaluator. Head of the Laboratory of Numerical Methods and Statistical Analysis at the Masovian Laboratory of Natural Sciences.

Professional experience

  • A graduate of Studium Generale Europa, a graduate of the Institute of Non-European Countries of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Islamology),
  • A graduate of the Institute of Sociology at UKSW in Warsaw,
  • Research and query internship at The Catholic University of America in Washington DC,
  • Accredited lecturer SPSS / PASW Statistics,
  • He designed and coordinated 52 research programs in Poland and abroad (strategic departmental projects and targeted projects, e.g. in Serbia, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and Denmark),
  • Member of the General Board of the Polish Society of Sociology,
  • Member of the Polish African Society,
  • Vice President of the Polish Evaluation Society and Central Europe Institute of Social Change.