Prof. UKSW dr hab. Bartosz Majchrzak

dr hab. Bartosz Majchrzak, prof. UKSW

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ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01 - 938 Warszawa, bud. 17

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Key words

PhD hab in legal sciences, CSWU professor at the Department of Administrative Science and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Law and Administration (WPiA) CSWU; Vice-Dean for student affairs WPiA CSWU; attorney at law; member of the Foundation Council Warszawskie Seminarium Aksjologii Administracji.

Academic research conducted

Material and procedural regulations in construction law, building notice allowing for building work, the problem of delimitation provision in the legal system.


  • The Council of the Foundation Warszawskie Seminarium Aksjologii Administracji;
  • University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw;
  • Polskie Towarzystwo Legislacji;
  • Zeszyty Prawnicze;
  • Kwartalnik Prawa Publicznego;
  • Scientific Board of Student Legal Scientific Journals Nomos & Dike.

Offer for entrepreneurs

Legal expertise in the field of material administrative law and construction law

Professional experience

  • Member of the Polish Legislation Society;
  • Dr hab, prof UKSW, Vice-Dean for student affairs Faculty of Law and Administration CSWU;
    Professor at the Department of Administrative Science and Environmental Protection;
  • Disciplinary ombudsman for student affairs, and then disciplinary ombudsman for academic teacher affairs;
  • Fundacja Warszawskie Seminarium Aksjologii Administracji;
  • Senior Assistant to a Judge of the Constitutional Tribunal.