Anna Wiśnicka

dr Anna Wiśnicka

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dr Anna Wiśnicka
Wydział Nauk Humanistycznych
ul. Dewajtis 5 01-815 Warszawa

Key words

Design historian, specializes in design of Nordic countries and decorative art. Devoted her PhD to the issues of design of Finland, where she conducted her scholarly research.

Academic research conducted

  • History of design
  • Design and culture of Scandinavia
  • Promotion of design
  • Scandinavian architechture
  • Design in pop-culture
  • Decorative art
  • Museum historical houses


  • Towarzystwo Polska-Finlandia [Poland-Finland Society]
  • Art Historians Association

Offer for entrepreneurs

  • Product presentations
  • Training courses and lectures in the history of design
  • Education in the area of design
  • Consultations and analysis in the research area
  • Assistance in reference to interior design

Professional experience

Author of the book "Simo Heikkila - Designer's Life and Work" and numerous academic and popular science publications, adjunct, Polish ambassador of the annual exhibition Echoes 100 Years in Finnish Architecture and Design selected by the Embassy of Finland in Poland. Personally passionate traveller, admirer of modern prose and Scandinavian minimalism.