dr hab. Romuald Jaworski, prof. UKSW

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Key words

Romuald Jaworski is a priest of the Diocese of Płock in Poland, holds a major and a BA in theology, a PhD in psychology and a habilitation in pedagogy

Academic research conducted

Religious identity, religious experience, mental and spiritual health, criteria of psychosocial and religious maturity, religious religiosity, anthropocentric and theocentric spirituality


  • Stowarzyszenie Psychologów Chrześcijańskich, Stowarzyszenie Psychologii Pastoralnej
  • Koalicja Obywatelska Tytoń albo Zdrowie
  • Fundacja „Promocja Zdrowia”
  • Polskie Stowarzyszenie Bibliodramy
  • EMCAPP – EuropeanMovement for Christian Anthropology, Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • IGNIS -Deutsche Gesellschaft für Christliche Psychologie, Psychotherapie und Biblische Seelsorge
  • Akademie für Psychotherapie und Seelsorge

Offer for entrepreneurs

  • Workshops on communicating overcoming conflicts


  • Development of a psychological technique of studying religiousness: Scale of Personal Religiousness - SRP. Developing of a psychological technique of studying spirituality: Scale of Anthropocentric and Theocentric Spirituality – SDAT
  • Psychological Workshops “Wreszcie żyć – 12 kroków ku pełni życia” [To live, finally - 12 steps towards living out loud]
  • Rector at WSD in Płock in the years 1991-1999 and President of the Rectors’ Conference WSD in Poland
  • Development of Ratio Studiorum for theology studies in Theology Seminaries in Poland
  • Cocreation and promotion of integrative psychotherapy in a Christian approach
  • Creation of Instytut Wyższej Kultury Religijnej in Płock and Heading the Institute
  • Organizing the conference of prof. F. Venulet promoting the anti-smoking stream for a few years
  • Organization and heading of the Psychological-Pastoral Center Metanoia in Płock. Organization of a few pro family scientific conferences
  • Execution, in cooperation with PFRON, of the program “Serce – sercu” based on funds from EU for disabled persons in professional activation

Professional experience

1974 - 1978 vicar in parishes in Gostynin and Płock
1978 - 1985 diocese moderator of the Light-Life Movement
1985 - 1994 senior assistant lecturer at KUL at the Faculty of Social Sciences
1986 - 1991 secretary at postgraduate studies of Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy KUL
1986 - 1994 conducting numerous psychological research studies of clerics, as well as nuns and priests
1988 - 1991 conducting classes in social psychology and religion at Pastoral-Liturgical Studium at KUL
1985 - 2007 lecturer of psychology at Higher Theology Seminary in Płock
1991 - 1999 of Higher Theology Seminary in Płock
1994 - 1999 President of the Rectors’ Conference WSD in Poland
1983 - 1993 organizer and vice director of Instytut Wyższej Kultury Religijnej in Płock
2001 - 2004 director of Theological College of the Płock Diocese at ATK
1991 - 2007 head of the Chair of Psychology at Wyższa Szkoła im. Pawła Włodkowica in Płock
1994 - 2019 academic teacher at ATK in Warsaw, adjunct, then reader, finally CSWU associate professor


  • Certificate of a psychotherapist of Stowarzyszenie Psychologów Chrześcijańskich
  • Certificate of a supervisor of Stowarzyszenie Psychologów Chrześcijańskich