Dominik Wojewodka, Ph.D., Eng.

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Wydział Biologii i Nauk o Środowisku

Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego
ul. Wóycickiego 1/3
01-938 Warszawa

Key words

Specialist in the field of Environmental Engineering, specialty: Environmental biotechnology. Expert in the field of hazardous waste disposal and innovative environmental technologies.

Academic research conducted

Disposal and recycling of waste (including hazardous industrial waste). Industrial wastewater and water treatment. Biohydrometallurgy. Bioremediation. Ecotoxicology.


ArcelorMittal Warszawa Sp. z o.o., Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A., Polska Izba Biomasy, Wastech Recycling Sp. z o.o., MPWiK capital city Of Warsaw, Grupa Lotos S.A., Arcadis Sp. z o.o., Veolia Energia Polska S. A., WFOŚiGW, RDOŚ Warszawa, IOŚ.
Head Scientist – environmental projects for, i.a.: UEM Environment Sdn Bhd, Malaysia; Biogreen Commerce Sdn Bhd, Malaysia; General Environmental Conservation Public Company Limited, Thailand; Victory To Global Recycling Ltd., Singapore; Encycle Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.
Expert counsellor for environment protection of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (prof. Shao Ziqiang, Beijnig Institute of Technology, prof. Guo Jing, Tianjin University) and Ministry of Natural resources and Environment in Vietnam (prof. Le Ke Son, National Sterring Committee for Overcoming the Consequences of Toxic Chemical used by USA in the War in Vietnam).
Expert for the environment in Israel, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore


Creation and commercialization of EnviroMix® technology (Patent EPO 9461501,0; USPTO 12/551,935), EnFix, BioFix. Signing first in the history agreements with the governments of Armenia and Vietnam for the transfer of know-how. environmental technologies Winner of: Domestic leader of innovation 2009 (regional and all Poland edition), Small Entrepreneur of the Year-2010-Nw Technologies– Kronenberg Foundation, Innovator of Mazowsze 2010, Best Innovative Project 2011, Leader of Sustainable Economy 2011- Forbes. Winner of the first competition for the transfer of the best Polish environmental technologies organized by the Ministry of Environment (GREENEVO).

Offer for entrepreneurs

  • Stabilization of industrial hazardous waste with the possibility of its subsequent utilisation, e.g. in construction building
  • Immobilisation of hazardous components and active materials on carrier mediums
  • Recycling of resources and compounds from waste and sludge
  • Restoration of degraded land
  • Biodegradation studies, preparation and supervision of bioremediation works
  • Thermal analysis of materials
  • Elimination of hazardous components from industrial waste (e.g. Antibiotics pesticides, heavy metals)
  • Physical-chemical, microbiological, biological and ecotoxicological analyses (water, sewage, waste, products)
  • Technical and study expertises in terms of environmental engineering

Professional experience

since 02.2015 adjunct at UKSW
06.2011-02.2014 President of the Management Board – Ecotech Polska S.A.
09.2007-02.2014 President of the Management Board - Ecotech Polska Sp. z o.o.
12.2006-09.2007 Supervisory Board Member, Petro Mil Sp. z o.o.
07.2006-09.2007 Technology Director, Milkamo Finnsolution Sp. z o.o.
01.2004-05.2006 Branch Manager in Warsaw - Hydrogeotechnika Sp. z o.o.
09.2003-12.2003 Assistant in a investment preparation department - Hydrogeotechnika Sp. z o.o.


Practical Training Course in Toxkit Microbiotest, Université Blaise Pascal in Besse-en-Chandesse, France, 1999.


2004 - 2012 Expert at Polska Izba Ekologii in terms of: waste management (certificate 102) and water and sewage management (certificate 103)
2004 - 2006 Vice-President of the Committee for Waste Treatment and Member of the Committee of Cooperation with Local Governments and Komisja Unieszkodliwienia Odpadów Przemysłowych i Niebezpiecznych Polskiej Izby Gospodarki Odpadami (PIGO)
2008 - 2009 Member of Państwowy Zasób Kadrowy (High level public officials), Prime Minister’s Office
2013 Member of Zasoby Kadrowe UN (High level officials)
2014 European Commission Expert in terms of research and innovation HORYZONT 2020 (Id: Ex2016D270376)
2017 Expert Committee Member MPWiK of the capital city of Warsaw