Protection of habitats of key bird species of the Middle Vistula Valley


Ornithological, hydro-technical and hydrological expertise made for the needs of design and cost estimation documentation for the investment task entitled: LIFE+

Cel projektu/badań

Opracowanie biologicznej części koncepcji czynnej ochrony siedlisk lęgowych ptaków gnieżdżących się na warszawskim odcinku Doliny Środkowej Wisły.

Research method

In-house study (field study, design studies)

History of execution

Development of an initial concept of active conservation of waterbirds on the Warsaw section of Middle Vistula. Consultations of the design with people and institutions – stakeholders. Development of the final design.

Effect of implementation

Design implementation.

Impact of the result on: development of science, economy, society

Ordering of the recreational and tourist use of the river areas in the Warsaw section of Middle Vistula. Dissemination of knowledge on the topic of active conservation biology of large Polish rivers.