Social functioning of communal narcissists – cynicism and trust in the concept of circumplex model of narcissism


The aim of the project is researching the social functioning of communal narcissists. Estimating the link between communal narcissism and cynicism and trust.

Project/study aim

Investigation of social functioning of communal narcissists. Assessment of the relation between communal narcissists and cynicism and trust. Comparison of social functioning of communal narcissists in Poland, Sweden and Romania.

Research method

  • correlation tests (questionnaires)
  • behavioral research – economic games

History of execution

Co-creation of a tool for the measurement of communal narcissism, pilot data analysis conducted with the use of internet panel Ariadna, behavioral research curently implemented.

Effect of implementation

Presentation within the framework of World Association for Personality Psychology (WAPP) conference, in April 2019 in Hanoi

Impact of the result on: development of science, economy, society

Influence on science: investigation of the social functioning of communal narcissists. Validation of the circumplex model of narcissism. Comparison of research results based on the Polish sample with the research results in countries with high level of trust (Sweden) and high level of cynicism (Romania).